Who We Are

William Whitman BaileyWelcome!

“Among Rhode Island Wild Flowers” is the title of a book written in the late 1800's by William Whitman Bailey, a professor of botany at Brown University.  William Bailey was a well-educated literate man who loved wandering in the woods and looking for plants. He writes concerning a “pretty meadow” in Cumberland,

In one of these there is a spring, over which a large witch-hazel hangs out, in autumn, its weird, yellow blossoms. It is our habit to lunch at this spot. The impulse is upon us to tell of these joyous wayside repasts; the pleasant chats; the quips; the jokes; the laughter and song. But we must hasten on.

This website is dedicated to the proposition that William Bailey had it right about the pleasant chats; the quips; the jokes; the laughter and song. . . Okay, maybe not the song, but even allowing for that, wild plant people haven't changed much over the years. We still go out into the field looking for the unknown and exploring the state. We still want to share stories of great finds and commiserate with one another over the loss and destruction of a rare plant population or habitat. And we're a small community that's more or less acquainted with one another.

So that said, welcome to our website which we hope will act as a center of news and information for the wild plant people of Rhode Island.