The following are pdf versions of wild plant books
that date from before 1920.

Among Rhode Island Wild Flowers,
W. Whitman Bailey; 1895
(668 kb)


New England Wild Flowers,
W. Whitman Bailey; 1897
(1.03 mb)


Flower Calendar,
Roger Williams Park Museum Bulletin, 1911,
(1.03 mb)


Wild Flowers of New England,
Chester A. Reed, 1912,
(1.4 mb)


Orchids of New England,
Henry Balwin, 1894,
(11.6 mb)

The book has an updated nomenclature list
on page 160


The following reference is "an enumeration of plants growing without cultivation in the state of Rhode Island."
It is available here with the permission of the

The Internet Archive and the
Claire T. Carney Library,
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Plants of Rhode Island
J. L. Bennet, 1888
(5.75 mb)


The following reference on ferns has a list
of updated nomenclature at the end of the key.

Ferns and Evergreens of NE,
Edward Knobel, 1895
(3.3 mb)


The following articles are reprinted with the permission of
The American Fern Journal.

Palmer, Ernest. “Fern and Fern Allies of Cumberland, Rhode Island.” American Fern Journal 37 2 April-June, 1947: 33-38 (291 kb)

Crandall, Dorothy L. “County Distribution of Ferns and Fern Allies in Rhode Island.” American Fern Journal 55 3
July-September 1965: 97-112
(281 kb)

The above articles on ferns have an updated nomenclature list
at the end of the article


This book is available with the permission of the
Arnold Arboretum Library

Native Trees of Rhode Island
Levi W. Russel, 1900
(7.14 mb)
Note: On page 64 is a photo of a Buttonwood (Sycamore) tree next to the
Betsey Williams Cottage in Roger Williams Park. The tree is still standing.


The following is an article about Orchid fertilization
excerpted from “My Studio Neighbors."

A Few Native Orchids and their Insect Sponsors,
William Hamilton Gibson; 1898
(2.46 mb)