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Links to other sites about wildflowers:

Fall Wildflowers of New England
Delaware Wildflowers--Photographs of 821 species by David G. Smith
Connecticut Botanical Society: photo gallery
Weeds Gone Wild: National Park Service site about invasives
US Forest service: Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring pages
Brooklyn Botanical Native Flora Garden
North Amercian trees:
eNature.com is the web's premier destination for information about the wild animals and plants of the United States. Well, that’s what they say. Here’s the link for the Wildflower field guide.
Wildflowers of the Eastern Woodlands . Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center
New York Natural Heritage Program
USDA PLANTS Database posters
The Manzanita Progject: Digital Images Available on the Web from Special Collections, California Academy of Sciences Library
CalPhotos is a collection of 203,060 photos of plants, animals, fossils, people, and landscapes from around the world


For those of you who are techies:

Utah State University: Tools for Plant Identification: Grass Keys
US Department of Agriculture
Flora of North America
Grasses of RI
Rare Plants of RI
Common Mosses and Liverworts of New England Woodlots>
USDA Plant Fact Sheets and Plant Guides
And, if you want to get involved with plant protection and enjoy a challenge, check out New England Wild Flower Society's Plant Conservation Volunteer Program.


Tom Stuart's Hardy Fern Library
Don Lubin's site for New England Ferns


Silvics of North America: A two-volume set  from the USDA Forest Service - these documents provide information about the biology of tree species growing in forest lands of the United States.
Salicicola is an wonderful website based in Massachusetts and with an extensive photo collection.


And some local wild plant and
environmental organizations

Rhode Island Wild Plant Society
New England Wildflower Society
RI Natural History Survey
Audubon Society of RI -- Their refuges are great places to look for native plants.
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