What plant is that?

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orange fringed bog-orchid--wholeplant orange fringed bog-orchid--closeup orange fringed bog-orchid--Robin Baranowski

Photos: © Brian Maynard

The flowers of our June 2022 Mystery
Plant are found in a raceme that
sports dozens of bright orange or dark
yellow flowers with heavily fringed
lower lips. A long spur extends out
behind each flower, which is pollinated
by butterflies. Each plant has 2-4
large spreading alternate leaves
with parallel veins. This species seems
to prefer moist, sunny, open areas,
and is thus vulnerable to natural
succession and shading by woody
vegetation. If you know where to look
you can find this plant blooming in
late July, but please do not pick or dig!

It’s. . .

Botanical Name:
Platanthera ciliaris
Common Name:
  orange fringed bog-orchid
  Orchidaceae (orchid family)
  moist meadows