What plant is that?

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flower roots and nodes

Upper left and lower right photos:© Francis R. Underwood 2019
Upper right and lower leftphotos: ©Katy Chayka, via Minnesota Wildflowers,

The unknown plant for July 2019 is a small annual, alternate- leaved plant with very attractive blue flowers surrounded by a solitary bract called a spathe.  The spathe surrounds all of the petals including the two blue petals.
The leaf blades are lanceolate with entire margins and are 2-6” long, ½- 1” wide. This plant can be found growing in moist or shady ground and is not native to RI. The plant is in bloom from late June to early October.

It’s. . .

Botanical Name:
Commelina communis
Common Name:
  Common Dayflower
  Commelinaceae ( Spiderwort Family)
  Moist soil or shady areas