What plant is that?

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Heart-leaved AsterHeart-leaved Aster flower stalk
Photocredits: ©David G. Smith, http://www.delawarewildflowers.org

The mystery plant for this month is a large-leaved, heavily flowered plant with blue flowers. This plant grows 1-3 ft tall and is topped by a paniculate inflorescence of blue, purple or sometimes white flowers with about 8-20 rays. The leaves are 3-5” long and sharply toothed. The lower leaves are cordate and become less so toward the middle and top of the stems. This plant blooms from the middle of August to October and grows in woods and along wood’s paths.

It’s. . .

Botanical Name:
Symphiotrichum cordifolium
Common Name:
  Heart-leaved Aster
  Asteraceae (Aster Family)
  Woods, trails and thickets

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