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Stiff Leaved Aster
Stiff Leaved AsterStiff Leaved AsterLeft and center photos: © Francis R. Underwood 2018
Right photo: ©David G. Smith, http://www.delawarewildflowers.org

This plant is a perennial with rigid, linear, entire leaves . It grows in clumps of several stems or sometimes as a single stem. The flowers have 10-20 violet colored rays and the center of the flower (disc) is yellow and sometimes anthocyanic.  This plant grows in dry sandy soil.  It grows to a height of 12-30” tall and blooms from late August to October.

It’s. . .

Botanical Name:
Ionactis linariifolius
Common Name:
  Stiff Leaved Aster
  Asteraceae (Aster Family)
  Sandy soil, open woods

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