What flower is that?


Upper left and bottom center photo: © Francis R. Underwood 2017
Upper right photo:© David G. Smith via www.delawarewildfowers.org

The mystery plant for April, 2017 is a member of a small family of perennial plants whose members have colored sap.

This plant has alternate, divided leaves and grows in a variety of habitats. It is weedy and non-native and has rather showy flowers. The flowers are yellow, four-parted. The leaves are alternately arranged along the stem and are divided.  The leaves and stems exude yellow sap when broken.  The sap is reputed by some to be a cure for warts. This plant blooms from early spring to fall and grows in waste places often in shade and may also be found in woods.


Botanical Name:
  Chelidonium majus
Common Name:
  Celandine, Greater Celandine
  Papaverace  (Poppy Family)
  Shaded waste places and open woods

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