What plant is that?

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Wild Coffee stem Wild Coffe fruit
Wild Coffee plant
Photo credits: © Francis R. Underwood 2015

This mystery plant is a perennial which grows from 2-3’ or (4’)  tall. It has wide, opposite, elliptic to egg-shaped, entire leaves and purplish-red flowers which bloom in the leaf axils. The leaves are about 6-10” long and the flowers are ½ to ¾” long, tubular in shape and have 5 irregular lobes.  The fruit is an orange, fleshy berry surrounded by 5 very prominent green sepals. The berries remain on the plant until late summer or early fall. This plant blooms from May to July and grows in rich, rocky woods. This plant is on the RI Rare Plant list with a status of CONCERN.


Botanical Name:
Triosteum aurantiacum var. aurantiacum
Common Name:
  Orange Horse Gentian, Wild Coffee
  Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle Family)
  Rich, rocky woods

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