What plant is that?

 Dwarf Ginseng  Dwarf Ginseng blossom
Photo credit left: © Francis R. Underwood 2014
Photo credit right: kbarton

Our mystery plant this month is a small perennial with whorled, divided leaves and white flowers.  Each flower has five regular parts and the flowers are arranged in an umbel (a single cluster of flowers all arising from the same point). The single set of leaves is arranged in a whorl of three and these leaves are divide into 3-5 leaflets. The root is in the form of a tuber.  The fruit is small and berry-like. This plant can be found in rich, moist woods and blooms from late April to mid-June


Botanical Name:
  Panax trifolius
Common Name:
  Dwarf Ginseng 
  Araliaceae (Ginseng Family)
  Rich, moist woods

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