What plant is that?

   Striped Pipsissewa  STriped pipsissewa blossoms  Striped Pipsissewa close-up
Photo credits: kbarton

The mystery plant for March
has evergreen leaves and white 5-petaled flowers.

The dark green leaves are usually whorled, slightly toothed along the
margins and mottled with white along the veins giving the leaves a striped appearance.  The 5-petaled white flowers which are fragrant grow in a cluster at the end of the stem.  The fruit is in the form of a capsule. 

This plant can be found in dry, open woods
and blooms from early June to July.


Botanical Name:
  Chimaphila maculata
Common Name:
  Spotted Pipsissewa, Wintergreen 
  Pyrolaceae (Pyrola Family)
  Dry, open woods

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