What plant is that?

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 Downy Goldenrod Plant  Downy Goldenrod Flower heads
Photo credits: © Francis R. Underwood 2013

This plant is a tall, narrow perennial with a compact inflorescence of yellow flowers borne in a terminal cluster.  The leaves are lance-shaped and toothed near the base of the plant and become upwardly smaller and less toothed.  The stem is downy and mostly unbranched.  The flowers consist of small ray flowers on the outside and disk flowers in the center.  The plant grows to a height of 24-36” in dry, open places, fields and woods often in sandy soil.  It blooms in late summer from August to October.

It’s. . .

Botanical Name:
Solidago puberula
Common Name:
  Downy Goldenrod
  Asteraceae (Aster family)
  Dry areas in fields and woods in sandy or rocky soil

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