What plant is that?

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Buttonweed   Buttonweed Plant Buttonweed flower
Photo credits: © Francis R. Underwood 2013

This month’s mystery plant is a small, weedy annual which blooms from July to October. The stems grow from 4” to 20” tall and sometimes are prostrate on the ground.

All floral parts (petals and sepals) are in groups of four regular parts. The flowers occur in the axils of the upper leaves. The petals are about ¼” long, pale purple to white in color. The leaves are opposite on the stem and are stiff, and narrow and they have stipules with long, stiff bristles. This plant grows in poor, sandy and dry soil. It ranges from southern New England to Wisconsin south to Florida and Texas. In New England, according to Flora Novae Angliae, it is native only in Rhode Island and Connecticut but not Massachusetts.

It’s. . .

Botanical Name:
Diodia teres
Common Name:
  Rubiaceae (Madder Family)
  Dry sandy soil

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