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   Wooly Bean leaflets

Wooly Bean
Photo credits: © Francis R. Underwood 2012

October’s mystery plant is a vine with irregular pink flowers. As is typical in this plant’s family, the flowers are in five parts consisting of the standard or banner (the wide upper petal), two lateral wing petals and two fused lower petals which form the keel. The leaves are divided into three leaflets which are egg-shaped. In this species the leaflets often contain a lobe on each side or sometimes the leaflet is lobed on only one side.

The fruit is long and pod-shaped and its seeds are wooly. This plant grows in sandy, dry soil.

It’s. . .

Botanical Name:
Strophostyles helvola
Common Name:
  Annual Wooly Bean or Annual Pink Wild Bean
  Fabacea (Pea Family)
  Dry sandy soil often found near the coast

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