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Among Rhode Island Wildflowers

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May 2021 Mystery Plant

May 2021 Mystery Plant--male flowers

May 2021 Mystery Plant -- female flowers

May 2021 Mystery Plantleaves

May 2021 Mystery Plant fruit

Top photo courtesy Will Stuart,
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center;
2nd, 3rd and 4th photo: © Peter M. Dziuk,
via Minnesota Wildflowers,
Bottom photo: courtesy R. W. Smith,
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

The mystery plant for this month
is a small shrub which is uncommon in RI.
It grows in open, wet areas
at a few sites in RI.
Gil George states in his
Rhode Island Botanical Survey Checklist
that it blooms from May 8 to June 30.
 The male and female flowers are
found growing on separate plants.
The white to yellow flowers are
¼ to ½" wide with
4 to 5 merous petals.
Male flowers have stamens
alternating with the petals.
Female flowers have stamens
which are sterile.
The stamens are free from the petals.

The leaves are 1-2" long,
simple and alternate along the stems
while the apex of the leaf
terminates in a sharp point.
There are small teeth
near the apex of the leaves.
The stems are numerous and
grow from the base of the shrub.
The shrubs grow up to 5-8 feet tall.
The leaf petioles are
often red to purplish in color.
The fruits are multiple nutlets
enclosed in a  red berry.

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