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Among Rhode Island Wildflowers

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January 2020 Mystery Plant

January 2020 Mystery Plant--female flowers

January 2020 Mystery Plant male catkins

January 2020 Mystery Plant nutlets
Top two photos and bottom photo:
© Francis R. Underwood 2020
Photo third from top: Peter M. Dziuk,
via Minnesota Wildflowers,

The mystery plant for January, 2020
is a small shrub found on
pond edges, bogs and other wetlands. 
It flowers in April and May. 
The plant is dioecious with staminate and pistillate flowers in catkins
which are usually on separate plants. 
The female flowers are quite attractive
with long red stigmas.
These flowers develop fruit in the form
of a cluster of nutlets.
The male flowers composed of stamens
are borne on cylindrical catkins.
The leaves are alternate, toothed
near the apex,
and have minute yellow glands
on both top and bottom surfaces
that give the leaves their unique scent.
The twigs are covered with yellow glands. This shrub grows along pond edges
and other wetland areas.

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