Among Rhode Island Wild Flowers and Native Plants

Among Rhode Island Wildflowers

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December 2020 Mystery Plant

December 2020 Mystery Plant -- leaf

December 2020 Mystery Plant-- flower head

December 2020 Mystery Plant-- close up of flowers
All photos: © Peter M. Dziuk,
via Minnesota Wildflowers,

This month’s mystery plant is rare in RI.
Its stems are 10-30 inches tall
and are densely hairy.  
The leaves are compound and
alternate along the stems and
these are divided into 10 -25 leaflets
which are hairy, and ½ to 1 inch long.
The flowers are terminal and have 5 petals which are ¾ inch long. 
They are usually bicolored. 
The standard is yellow to ochroleucus and the wings and the keel pink. 
The seed pods are long and numerous.
This plant grows in fields, and
open woods in usually sandy soil.

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