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Among Rhode Island Wildflowers

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September 2021 Mystery Plant

September 2021 Mystery Plant -- leaves

September 2021 Mystery Plant --peduncle

September 2021 Mystery Plant--close up iof flowers

September 2021 Mystery Plant--flowers and fruit

September 2021 Mystery Plant habitat

Second photo from top:© Peter M. Dziuk,
via Minnesota Wildflowers, https://www.minnesotawildflowers.inf
All other photos:
© Katy Chayka, via Minnesota Wildflowers,

The mystery plant for
September 2021 is a perennial
which grows10- 30” tall nd blooms June to September.
The leaves are long- petioled
with elliptical blades, 3-8cm long by 2-12cm in width.
The flowers have 3 white petals,
3 sepals and 6 stamens.
The petals are yellow in color
at the base and twice as long
as the sepals.
The scape, which is a leafless peduncle, rises from ground level to a height of 10-30”.
This plant is found in
wet habitats, marshes and ponds.

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