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November 2019 Mystery Plant

November 2019 Mystery Plant- flower heads

November 2019 Mystery Plant flower

November 2019 Mystery Plant leaves

Topr two photos: © Francis R. Underwood 2019
Third photo from top: Katy Chayka, via Minnesota Wildflowers, https://www.minnesotawildflowers.info/
Bottom photo: Peter M. Dziuk, via Minnesota Wildflowers, https://www.minnesotawildflowers.info/

The Mystery Plant for November 2019
is an annual which grows 4-16” tall.
The calyx (sepals collectively) is
made up of 3 small sepals and
2 large petal-like sepals and 6 stamens.
The flowers can range from
blue/purple to rose pink in color.
As the flowers age, they fade to
a greenish white and the lower stem
is covered with small bracts
which are remnants of flowers gone-by.
The alternate green leaves are entire,
1-1.5” long and very narrow.
The fruit is a small capsule 1 or 2 seeds. 
The root is said to have
a fragrance of wintergreen.
This plant grows in moist open areas and
sometimes in dry areas such as in gravel.
It blooms from July through October.

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