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December 2018 mystery plant  flower stalk

December 2018 mystery plant  flowers -- close-up

December 2018 mystery plant  flowers with polinators

December 2018 mystery plant basal leaves

First (top) and third photos: © Francis R. Underwood 2018
Second photo from top: © David G. Smith via www.delawarewildfowers.org
Fourth (bottom) photo: © 2018 Donald Cameron 

The mystery plant for December is a perennial which grows 12- 25” tall.
The basal leaves are large
and toothed, ½ - 2” wide. The leaves
along the stem are
less toothed and sessile. 
The flowers have 4-8 white rays
and 10-20 disk flowers.
The achenes are sericeous.
This plant grows in dry, open woods and blooms from early July to late August.

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