Among Rhode Island Wild Flowers and Native Plants

Among Rhode Island Wildflowers

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January 2021 Mystery Plant

January 2021 Mystery Plant -- staminate flowers

January 2021 Mystery Plant-- pistillate flowers

January 2021 Mystery Plant--fruit
Top photo: Courtesy Stephanie Brundage,
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
Center two phototos: ©David G. Smith,
Bottom photo: Courtesy Bennie Bengston,
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

The mystery plant for January 2021
is an herbaceous perennial,
which grows up to eight feet tall.
This plant produces green to
yellow-green, six-petaled flowers
which produce bluish to purple berries.  
The flowers are fetid.
This plant is dioecious and
male and female shrubs grow separately. 
The alternate, entire leaves,
which produce tendrils near the base,
are thin and glabrous with veins
following the contour of the
somewhat rounded edges of the leaves. 
The peduncles with flowers
grow axillary to the leaves.
This plant blooms from the
middle of June to late July.
It grows along wetlands and swamps.

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