Among Rhode Island Wild Flowers and Native Plants

Among Rhode Island Wildflowers

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December 2019 Mystery Plant

December 2019 Mystery Plant close-up with pollinator

December 2019 Mystery Plant flowers and seed capsules

Top two photos: © Francis R. Underwood 2019
Bottom photo: ©David G. Smith,

The mystery plant for December
is an annual with white flowers
and whorled leaves. 
The leaves are 10-15 mm long
and 2-5mm wide. The leaves form mats
that lie flat on the ground. 
The white flowers are on pedicels
5-10 mm long.
Several flowers are produced
from each leaf axil.
The anthers are long and yellow in color.
The seeds are formed
inside a brown capsule
which is 2-3mm long and
contains many seeds.
This plant is not particular
as to where it grows. 
It can be found in cracks of sidewalks,
drawn-down river edges and dunes. 
It blooms from June through October.

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